The SoMMA Experience

     If you haven't gone to the
Academy, you're probably wondering what the big deal is. Luckily, SoMMA has something for everyone in terms of fun.
     The real band nuts will enjoy the six to seven hours of practicing each day, whether it be in the concert band, jazz band, sectionals, chamber groups, or even in a practice room. Technique is vastly improved through this constant practicing, and the difference between the beginning and end of the week is quite noticeable.
     Even if you're not that much into band, you can enjoy the social scene. Musicians, instrumentalists especially, are great people to hang around with. Dorms usually have a lounge with cable TV and sometimes the soda machine even works!
Experiences like watching Rumfid suck jello or throwing giant buckets of water over the counselors' heads during the water fight make this camp both unique and fun (and if you haven't seen these acts, you're really missing out!!).
     Dorm rooms are spartan yet comfortable, with two beds, dressers, and tables in each room. Better yet, you can get a wicked hot shower every morning without waiting too long.
     The staff you will meet are reasonable, nice, and are superb
musicians. And except for Pat's dorm meetings, you will never have a negative experience with them.
     So if you haven't gone to SoMMA and fit the requirements, you're really missing out!! Remember, you don't have to be from Maine to be a camper. Simply request a brochure from the Music Department at USM!

SMMA is held each year on the University of Southern Maine campus in Gorham, Maine.

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