SoMMA Camp Book 2001

SoMMA makes a book of all our wackiest and dearest memories each year. Here is the Online Edition of the 2001 SoMMA camp book!

In the Book of good and bad things....

Band rehearsal with Dr. Martin = good

Band rehearsal at 0800 hours = bad


The famous Barefoot Tin Can Ensemble = good

Nobody laughing when the ensemble tried to "tune" their cans = bad


Good food in the cafeteria = good

Sharing it with soccer camp = bad


Scott the New Low Brass Counselor = good

No Sam = bad


Metronomes = good

Lava lamp = bad


Bass Clarinets = good

TRUMPETS!?! = bad (think of how Dr. Martin says these in rehearsal)


A fish named Oliver Sudden = good

A dead fish named Oliver Sudden = bad


No tuba music = bad

Fax machines = good


No beach day = bad

A trip to the mall = good


First day of band camp = good

26 auditions in a row = bad


Playing in Pat's percussion section = good

Dropping mallets at every rehearsal = bad


Mel's triumphant return to SOMMA = good

Mel being away from her kiddos = bad



10. We could always have a 5 hour band rehearsal. (8 hours for the trumpets)

9. Check the intonation of the Barefoot Can Ensemble

8. Spend the day watching "ER"

7. Go to the mall and purchase a LIVE FISH

6. Attend the funeral of our beloved camp mascot.

5. Batten down the hatches in preparation for another impromptu hail storm.

4. Begin to restock the taco fixens for next year's taco night.

3. See how many clarinets and saxophones can fit into a one stall bathroom.

2. Practice all day with your very own Dr. Beat.




Playing with the force


Laura's ultimate catch

clown car clarinets

Dr. Nick

Jasper was pushed

French horn flop

Pajama day

Baton solo



Oliver Sudden funeral procession

You'll thank me for this someday

Ultimate Frisbee


operation: hammy


walkie talkies

Calculator Boy!

Bunch 'em

Ben...the ultimate cheerleader

Oliver Sudden incarnate

Bomb it


Chicken Dance

Jeremy's timpani solo

Lava Lamp time

clarinet and saxophone bathroom brigade

Ben the living Ken doll

My favorite flavor is red.

We're all a little rhythmically challenged

No. Dr. BEAT!

18 guys, 52 girls?

internal rhythms

mucho guapo

Marines boy

stuffing people in the elevator


Price to attend SoMMA: $565.00

Rental per year: $75.00

1 etude book: $10.95

5 years of private lessons: $2,600.00


One week of music, good friends and fun at SOMMA = priceless


Did we really say that?

Dude, where's my card?

I hit homeruns everytime...maybe...probably not...actually I've never hit a homerun in my life!

Look, there's a cow in that tornado!

I don't burn, I tan!

As assignment? Is that legal?

Anger management didn't work for me.

It wasn't me! I had nothing to do with it!

She's the Empress from the Neverending Story.

Oliver Sudden died all of a sudden.

Is this my voice?

Wow, not too much gets by you, huh, buddy?

Hey, can I have your autograph?

Do you know the muffin man?

Jasper the Teddy Bear tried to commit suicide and he jumped out the window. -Brianne

I don't have any pants on. -Tiana

It's like an elevator, only with a toilet. -Ori

This is Chinese. -Ben

That sounded a little snarky, clarinets! -Laura

There is a big difference between snarfed and scarfed. -Laura